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Mrs. Walsh

7th grade homework due 1/12/16   fossil booklet and questions

7th grade report on an igneous or sedimentary rock.
Choose one
make a cover 
Report facts and information like uses, how it is made and where it is found.
Can be typed or neatly written- one page
due November 25th (Wednesday).

6th Grade will be working on energy Brochures
7th Graders are continuing their journey on Earth into the world of rocks.

Homework Reading Packets for 6th and 7th grade
 due on Friday October 23rd.

7th Graders -perform a mineral identification lab for streak, hardness and other properties.
look at the pictures in the file below.
6th graders perform an experiment-Sink or Float
An exercise in writing a hypothesis.
Pictures added below.

Welcome to the start of a new School year.
Science News-Classes 602, 702, 704 and 705
  • Seventh Grade Brochures are now overdue
  • 6th and 7th grade homework packets are due October 5.
Seventh grade investigates crystals.
Comparisons of sand, epsom salt and sodium chloride.
Take a look at several pictures below.

602 experiment-What's in the paper bag?
Scientists make educated guesses and so do we.

Movie Review
Name the movie
5 points of interest you have learned
Review:  Did you enjoy the movie? Why/Why not?
Would you recommend the movie?  Why or Why not?

Reading packet 6th and 7th grade due Tuesday 10/13

All movie reviews are due by Friday October 9th.